5 Link Building techniques still works in 2020

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5 Link Building techniques still works in 2020

If someone wants to attain high-quality links in 2020, they will have to focus on the most own link building. The first step towards link building would be to build an efficient strategy for this purpose. Whether you are an SEO beginner or an SEO expert, there are tons of methods out there that you can implement for link building.

In this article, we will discuss the five primary link building techniques that still work in 2020!

So, keep on reading to find out more information below about SEO expert and SEO link building.

What is link building?

Link building plays a significant role in the implementation of an efficient SEO procedure. It is a process by which you can get other websites linked with your website. It is done by using a hyperlink from one website with another website.

It would not be wrong to say that it is the most complicated factor in website ranking.

How does the algorithm of Google works?

When two websites are linked with each other through a hyperlink, then it is assigned to Google that this website should be ranked higher. It is because of the usage of related keywords.

Five primary link building techniques:

Contextual links

It is an obvious fact that the link that is going to make the most significant impact on your audience is the one that is going to be clicked the most. If the contextual links are placed in a web page’s footnotes, they are less likely to be connected and noticed. A good strategy for link building is to add the contextual links within the body of the webpage.

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High DR links

A search engine like Google makes the use of domain ratings to determine the worth of a link. The unfortunate part is that all connections cannot pass DR easily. If a link is a followers link, it means that PageRank will not deny it from being passed.

However, if your lives have the attributes of nofollow, UGC, or sponsored, then it can have features to get rejected by DR.

Editorially placed links:

Make sure that the links on your web page are editorially replaced. Search in Google has identified that the links that are not editorially placed will be considered unusual.

Editorially placed links are created when and other party puts in a link to your website.

As a result, the rankings of your website increases.


The links that are being linked to your website should be strongly related to the topic of your webpage and website. It is done to make sure that you are not connecting any irrelevant links to your website. To enhance and maintain your web page’s quality and ranking, you will have to choose the appropriate links. Links are generated to guide a user to visit one web page to another webpage. It does not make sense to bring a user to an irrelevant content page.

Natural anchor text

The most important link building technique is to ensure that the anchor text looks natural on your webpage. Sometimes even a simple “click here” is used. But you can always come up with creative ways to add anchor text that looks fitting!

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