Clash of Lights (COL) APK – Download the Latest Version

Clash of Lights (COL) APK – Download the Latest Version

Clash of Clans needs no introduction to masses who are already riding high on their army of barbarians, archers, giants, and everything else. The euphoria that it has created since its inception in 2012 has been exceptional. No matter how addictive the game is, people feel disappointed for the time it takes to upgrade levels and the pressure it makes on our wallets to buy limited resources. Well, it’s high time you get rid of all the disappointments by adapting to Clash of Lights APK.

Clash of lights is the modified version of the original clash of clans which run on private servers, unlike its counterpart which runs on supercell servers. Don’t get confused with the term private servers as it provides an entirely new experience, unlike other private servers which might crash when dealt with high traffic. You’ll be amazed to witness the unlimited resources it has to offer with a variety of other features too. Excited? You should be. Well, we also can’t wait to tell you how it boasts to claim as the best mod application of clash of clans.

Features of Clash of Lights APK

Imagine your gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems storage always full to be available for you. Sounds like a pipe dream, isn’t it? Dream for the clash of clans players turned to reality with COL. It’s time for you to enjoy an all-new gaming experience with all the controls in your hands. Let’s have a look at the key features this app has to offer :

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Unlimited Resources

With unlimited gold you screw tighten your defense along with the buildings and the town hall and thus, spending a lot of time on them to upgrade becomes a thing of the past. Similarly, unlimited elixir allows you to upgrade your troops at once and other important buildings in your village. You would not have to compromise the battles without a spell factory or an army camp or so. Play in a manner as you please, upgrade your buildings and troops as you seem fit. However, it is recommendable to play each level and gain experience with the new unlocked troops and spells so that you would be able to use them wisely once you reach the top.

Unlimited Gems and Gold

Extended Army Space

Sometimes, it feels like the fixed army space your camps offers is not enough to enjoy the battles. COL caters to this need too by increasing your army space up to 600 troop capacity. It is really amazing to take many more troops to battles with a higher possibility of winning the game.

Unlimited Gems

Yeah, it is unbelievable as you get only a few gems when you start to play this game. No matter how many gems you by using your money, they would always be less enough for your needs. Clash of lights offers unlimited gems to help you complete the tasks at once and get back to playing battles without any compromise.


Ever thought if you could actually change the way your troops dressed? This is what makes you change the way you look at the game. Since this is entirely different from the original clash of clans, clash of royale it provides you with the customization in your troops’ dresses and buildings. With ‘design custom dresses’ feature, you can design the dress of your army troops according to your choice. Also, the COL provides you the architectural customization as you can design your buildings and other structures in your own way. Why run, when you can ride?

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With these features, you can start a new game in COL and reach to higher levels in no time. After knowing all about it, you would not be able to stop yourself from trying it once. Go for it!

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Private Servers

Users often complain about the crashing of the servers and their lower downtime while using private servers. In Clash of Lights, you won’t find any of these problems as they have separate instances to take the traffic load lightly. It often happens when servers fail to connect and it results in disappointment. However, separate instances of the primary server, when witnessing heavy traffic loads, are migrated to different servers and thus, making it all uninterrupted with the lowest downtime in a brief period of time. At current, Clash of Lights and Clash of Magic are the only ones which use these features and you can trust them for your smooth gaming experience with all the features mentioned above.

There are different private servers available for you but they are more or like similar apart from some different features they offer. You can opt for any of them and make your experience entirely new.


The clash of lights mod app is available both for Android users and iOS as well. You can also play it on your PC if you have an android emulator installed in it. So know no bounds to play it anywhere you want. It really deserves a download on your device. Go and try it yourself!

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