How to get games for free on PC

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How to get games for free on PC

How to get games for free on PC

Computer games influence us a lot. Your wide-sweeping desktop screen with a suitable controlling joystick helps you experience that real thrill of the game much better than your small-screened smartphone or even a tablet.

PC games are gaining great popularity whatsoever the new games are, from Real-time strategy (RTS) games, video games or even those on time simulations. PC games are the most pivotal and significant; when it comes to the relaxing time phase of our daily life. But at times, what we desire never get into our hands.

The games for which we intensely crave are locked up with a price. The money is solely the developer’s possession but the normal laymen out here also feel to have a taste of the increasing technological advancements in the software industry.

I mention here, easy to use and secure websites, which could be used for appropriate and legit downloading of PC games, helping you experience the best quality of gaming.

Websites to get games for free on PC

  • : A fairly categorized website for games according to your needs, viz. PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOX ONE, psvita, etc. (Play station). Games are available in different parts. Individually downloading all the parts, placing them all into one folder and then extracting all at once, this works great. The system requirements for running a particular game are provided along with the descriptions.
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  • : A game in a highly compressed state is available, which will help you save your system memory. On the game page along with the descriptions, minimum system requirements including parameters of OS, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, etc is perfectly mentioned. A provision to download it in Torrent format is also provided.


  • : For free games, select Free Games A to Z at the top of the Menu. The number of games is limited, no huge resources but recent collections are easy to find. On a game page, the supporting OS, video links, descriptions, etc can be noted.


  • : The Freeware option from the top Menu ribbon directs you to free games for PC download. The website is periodically updated at a range of about 2-3 hours. The latest trending PC games can be easily downloaded.


  • It is a highly recommended site for paid games, but has a huge free to play games. Select Free to play from the Browse by Genre section at the bottom left of the page. Enter your birth date for a certain download just for age verification.

If you are a die-hard crazy fan of the Dragon Ball series then you can download dokkan battle for pc and enjoy playing Dragon Ball games.

How to download a game for free from is a large collection of indie games with a vast amount of free game downloads. It has an individual desktop application for all Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


  1. Log on to The start page of the site opens.
  2. Under the Games by price section on the bottom-left corner, click on Free games
  3. All available games are shown. On any game page, it will show you the operating system for which the game is available (the symbol of the OS is mentioned at the bottom-left corner below the image), along with the game description, download link, average user rating, video lecture as a demo clip.
  4. Select the game which you wish to download. Below the download link, a .zip file is available. The user can select any one according to the OS they use. (zip,, or
  5. Download the zip file and unzip it in WinRAR or Winzip. To unzip a file, locate the file on your hard drive (Downloads folder) and open it in WinRAR. Click on Extract to at the top of the WinRAR home screen. Select a proper destination folder for placing the extracted files. It’s always better to extract your game installation files from the Zip before installing the game.
  6. Open the Crack folder (exception) and paste it where you want to install the game. The required passwords and keys will be unzipped along with other documents. (If any) The game will be installed at the destination folder.
  7. Run the game.

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Gaming performance depends on the entire computer system configurations, RAM, processor, Graphics card; not on only one factor. A recent processor and a decent graphics card is the minimum requirement. Alteration in any one of them will gridlock the game’s GPU potential. For a graphics card, the GPU, memory bandwidth, clock rate all have to be considered with respect to game requirement. Every game has its own individual need. Happy gaming!