How To Get More Reviews For Your Solar Business

Reviews are an important part of any business. Before people buy a product, they look…

Reviews are an important part of any business. Before people buy a product, they look at the reviews to know how good it is. If your business doesn’t have many of them, it may make the people indecisive about using your service or buying your product. So, in this article, we will give you some tips on how to get more reviews for your solar business.

How To Get More Reviews For Your Solar Business

Below, we give you a number of tips on how to get more reviews for your solar business (Click here for even more tips)…

Invite Each Customer To Leave A Review

After the job you were contacted for by the client has been completed, invite them to leave you a review when they’re most likely to. This is usually a couple of days after the job is finished. When inviting the customer to leave one of these, it’s best not to do so by email but by text.

An email is more likely to be ignored than a text message. When sending the message, refer to the client by name. For instance, Mr and their last name, or Ms and their last name. This establishes a type of relationship.

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Create A Review Asking Process

Asking your customers for reviews should be a part of the production process. After each project, leave the customer a text asking for a review. Since the customer should be happy with the finished job, it should be easy for them to leave an honest one.

The Question Should Be Automated

Once the job has been completed, an automated message should be sent to the client. This message should ask the client for a written review in order to improve the business’s services, and tell them to book their next appointment with you.

Make The Process Easy For The Customer

If the review section in your site isn’t easy to navigate, many people will give up looking for it and not leave a review. Make this section easier to navigate. If you use a third party site for reviews, link the customers to the site. This will make it easier for them to leave you an appraisal. You can take a look at solargraf to see how it’s done.

Target The Clients You Know Are Satisfied

Your main focus shouldn’t be on just getting reviews, but you should target the clients you know are satisfied with your work. Once the client displays satisfaction, ask them for the review. If you keep targeting mostly unsatisfied customers, your rating will reduce and your business won’t thrive as much.

Tell Them How Much It Matters

When asking a client for a review, it is important to let them know how important it is to you and for your services. Tell them how it helps your business grow and make the services better. As weird as it may sound, some may not understand this. So, always explain how important it is for your business.

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Make A Written Template Or Templates Available

To make the reviews much easier to write for your customers, you should have a template available. Part of the appraisal should be written for them. Since many people are busy, they don’t like taking the time to write them. If they already have most of it or all of it written out for them, it will be a lot better. The template should be something they can choose to use or choose not to use.


And those are the top most important steps on getting more reviews for your solar business. As long as you keep the client in mind, you will have many appraisals your services will thrive.