Magento Hosting 2020 – Selecting the Best Magento Hosting Provider of India

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Magento Hosting 2020 – Selecting the Best Magento Hosting Provider of India

One of the leading ecommerce platforms, Magento comes with a combination of features that make it easy to use, giving it enormous power. In case you sell downloadable products, your own creations, or clothes on your ecommerce site, Magento will offer you all the features you need. Basically, it’s one of the best platforms for building an ecommerce store.

It is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that comprises of all the themes and plugins required for a swift operation. You can easily know the reasons behind the popularity of this platform. One reason is that it is owned by eBay, which makes it capable of carrying all the features that an ecommerce site needs to have. You will find it on open source community and there is a premium version, the Enterprise Edition. No doubt the premium edition will provide more features and better support to the user, but even the free version hosts great features for small online stores.

Since Magento offers great features, it needs a powerful hosting service. Today, most of the hosts offer one-click installation, which is almost everything Magento will need in a web host. For installing Magento by yourself, without the one-click installation wizard, you need to check if the host supports:

Linux x86-64
• Apache 2.x/Nginx 1.7.x
• PHP 5.4+
• MySQL 5.6+

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Additionally, their system also needs to support HTTPS, based on the payment gateway. This indicates that your hosting plans should comprise of SSL certificate.

What Features Do You Get with Magento?

Prior to learning about the best Magento hosting India, it is important to understand the features that help it to become popular as an ecommerce platform.

Firstly, you get marketing and promotion features where it displays related items when the user opens a single product, shows offers and promotions, shows category landing pages, allows you to customize coupons and add special pricing, poll surveys, wishlists and new items promotions among others.

Optimized for search engines it offers features such as HTML Meta Data for products, XML Site Map, popular search terms page, Google content API, and pretty URLs. Moreover, you get site management features, catalog browsing, catalog management, product display management, payment, checkout, and shipping features and order management.

You can create customer accounts, check analytics and reports, and also get customer support features. The Enterprise Edition comes with a more dedicated customer support that makes site management easy for you. Apart from the general features that come with open source community edition, merchants can add Magento themes to enhance their operations.

To save your time and efforts, check below the review of the best Magento hosting provider of Australia.


MilesWeb has been in operation since 2012 and is satisfying several Magento store owners with their Magento hosting. One of the best hosting providers of Australia, they provide in-house speed and security to make your ecommerce site fast and secure. They are popular for their 24/7 customer support service.

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Some of the features offered by MilesWeb include SSD storage, one-click app installation and free SSL certificate. Their web hosting plans comprise of shared, DigitalOcean cloud and Amazon (AWS) cloud, VPS, dedicated, cPanel reseller hosting, best WordPress hosting India, SSL certificate and cloud hosting.

Features of Magento Hosting

Free Domain Name: You get a chance to register a domain for free with MilesWeb.

Free Magento Migration: Want to move your website to MilesWeb? You can anytime migrate your website for free to MilesWeb. They ensure migration without any data loss.

Pure SSD Storage: The SSD storage helps to store data at a faster rate and ultimately improve your page load time.

Free SSL Certificate: SSL certificate helps to display that your site is safe to go with. It helps to protect your visitors’ sensitive data and also boosts your website ranking in SERPs.

Secure Email Accounts: You can create your own business or personal email id and access it from anywhere. They offer support for POP3/IMAP.

cPanel: Manage your website, domain , database, emails and more via your cPanel.

Latest PHP & MySQL: MilesWeb servers are configured with the latest and stable versions of PHP and MySQL.

1-Click Installer: Get a chance to install as many applications you want with the one-click installer, Softaculous.

Website Backup in Cloud: Your website data gets backed up with their automated backup solution.

Free Instant Setup: Your hosting account gets setup instantly without any extra charges.

Optimized Server: MilesWeb’s servers are optimized for swift and efficient functioning of your store.

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Free Magento Installation: You can install Magento for free and with MilesWeb offers you the desired hosting package with free Magento installation.

Magento Consultancy: Their team of experts is available to help your ecommerce business grow. They will guide you on upgrades, suggestions on plugins and also help you to solve database related issues.

Bottom Line

Magento is one of the most used shopping carts today. In order to host Magento, especially for large businesses, a hosting service should offer unlimited features and better upgrade. If you are sure that your site will start receiving thousands of visitors each day then only go for an upgraded or else start with the basic. You can see that MilesWeb offers all the essential features for your Magento store along with affordable plans. So, don’t find a second option and start your ecommerce store with MilesWeb Magento hosting.