Same Earphones, More Jazz

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Same Earphones, More Jazz

There are some devices so closely integrated into our lives; we often fail to appreciate them. Earphones are definitely on the list. The aspect of portable music revolutionized the tech industry, and innovations have no ceiling.

There are two standard procedures to evolve in the technology – taking an existing model and building on it, or creating entirely new equipment. Either way, both approaches paved the way for innovations. For instance, you are familiar with the traditional 3.5mm earphone jack. It is a staple port with generations of smartphones. However, the future of audio experience lies with USB Type C. However, instead of buying a brand new earphone, you can simply upgrade using an earphone adapter.

Adapting for Change

Adapters are an affordable option to ensure your earphones comply with a range of devices and you do not need a new purchase each time. Standard models have the 3.5mm jack, which works well with most mobile devices like smartphones and laptops. However, the new generation releases are packing a USB Type C port or a Thunderbird port to enhance the users’ listening experience.

The same applies to using standard earphones for a desktop computer. Generally, the CPU includes separate audio input and output port. You can use a dual 3.5mm splitter that connects your earphone to the ports appropriately. You satisfy your requirements without purchasing a new microphone.

Deep Diving into Adapters

  • USB Type C Adapters – Type C is the latest trend in data transmission for mobile devices, and it is fast becoming a popular choice for audio. Traditional earphones rely on the smartphone for signal processing and amplification, reducing the output levels and generating noise. The adapter takes your previous earphone and processes the signal using a high-quality DAC and pre-amplifier.
  • Dual 3.5mm – Desktop computers still require the audio device to interact directly with the motherboard’s sound card. The result is high-quality sound output but limitations for standard 3.5mm earphones. However, if you are not looking to purchase a separate headphone for it, you can use a dual 3.5mm adapter that goes into the microphone and speaker. Hence, you retain the functionality of your earphone with a small investment in an adapter.
  • Thunderbolt adapter – Apple stands out for its quality products, and they do not comprise sound quality. The new line of iPhones and iPads do not have a separate earphone jack. You can purchase their exclusive earphones with a Thunderbolt connector or save your bills by purchasing an adapter instead. Plug your old earphones into it, and connect it to the Thunderbolt port.
  • Single 3.5mm Stereo – While the other adapters affect functionality, the single 3.5mm adapter is for an extension. With a longer cable, you can use your earphone without concerns about the wire falling short.
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Making the Right Calls

You will find a range of earphone adapter, each with a specific purpose. They are great options to avoid the frustration when you discover your favourite, and the expensive earphone is not compatible with a device. It is cheap and easily available. All you need to do is pick up the correct extension.