The Car Tracker Guide: What Will You Do at First After getting your car snatched?

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The Car Tracker Guide: What Will You Do at First After getting your car snatched?

Parking the car in right lane and coming back not able to see it, might be heart breaking. There are hujdred of scenarios that run through your kind when your car is missing which might be upsetting and distressing. When a car is snatched, a person nearly loses his mind and can’t think of any solution. The car being stolen and not insured would be the last thing that a person would want. There are many things that a person could do after getting his car snatched. If you were surfing the internet for this reason then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through what will you do after getting your car snatched.

Reporting the stolen car

One of the biggest mistake that people commit is that they don’t make sure that they are reporting a stolen car. Many people don’t realize the fact but many cars are still in their own possession while they report the car. In many states it is a crime to file a false police report and it may also have criminal consequences. One should make sure that their car was stolen befofe one calls the police. There are some scenarios in which a car is moved for some reason or even by mistake. Due to this reaon it is suggested to confirm first whether your car is stolen or not and then one shall file his report.

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Informing police about GPS Tracking details

It has been reported that roughly around 773,000 motor vehicles were stolen in the year 2017 alone. If you believe that your car has been stolen then one should not wait but file a complaint right away. One should definitely get in touch with local police department for their assistance to help you restore your stolen car. They will also ask for your cooperation and would ask questions related to GPS Tracking device. You’ll also need to provide them information regarding model, make and year of the vehicle. One should also let them know the last time they saw the car and drove it.

Contacting the insurance company

As discussed earlier, insurance companies play a vital role after your car has been stolen. What one may not realize is that not all auto insurance providers guarantee vehicles for the car theft purposes. Once you get the police cases number then you will be required to share it with the insurance provider and explain precisely what happened. They have all the information regarding theGPS Tracking fitted thus will get on with the work of relocation. But, it is not a fixed amount that you will get for what you have lost but would be paid according to your insurance policy’s coverage. One would be needing comprehensive coverage to be able to qualify for reimbursement of a stolen vehicle. As it depends on policies to policies but mainly if the insurance company concludes that your car was stolen then they shall reimburse you for all the damage caused and the full value of your vehicle.

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