The Most Common SEO Mistakes

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The Most Common SEO Mistakes

When you build or manage a website, your search ranking is obviously a vital component of it. While you may have all the best intentions in the world, there are plenty of common SEO mistakes that people make, which could end up having a neutral or even detrimental effect on your overall ranking. Let’s look at some of the most common SEO mistakes to see if you are committing any of these deadly sins.

Ineffective Choice of Keywords

When choosing the keywords that you want to rank for, you need to do so wisely. This means doing your research rather than jumping at the most popular keywords, as you are bound to experience a high level of competition. Therefore, your best course of action may be to pick a couple further down the list that you are more likely achieve some success with. If you haven’t done your research properly, you may even choose keywords that people are not searching for, resulting in you picking the wrong combination of words, and then wasting a lot of time optimizing for these terms. Another option is that you could hire an SEO agency Birmingham. An agency will research and agree on effective keywords with you beforehand.

Too Many Keywords

In days gone by, it was a highly popular and common practice to enter as many keywords as possible into a search engine in order to rank for a particular term. However, search engines picked up on this practice and updated their algorithms in order to cut it out. Now, you can even get ranked down for this technique, so it is certainly one that is worth avoiding. Instead, you should focus on high-quality content that uses the correct terms in a natural way. This is also better for getting people to come back to your website, as nobody wants to read content that appears too “spammy.”

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Publishing Plagiarised Content

While producing content is a clear way of improving your SEO standing, some companies simply find it too difficult, or don’t want to put in the energy into creating their own content on a regular basis. This is where plagiarism becomes rife. Search engines are certainly wise to this practice and will punish you accordingly with a reduced rank if you attempt it yourself. So, just avoid it! If you cannot keep up with the content demands yourself, you can always outsource it to a freelancer or other external agency of some description.

Not Including Quality Links

Another central facet of a good SEO strategy is to include links to external websites, but it is also a practice that is commonly overlooked as it is not seen as being important. However, when you are choosing other websites to link to, you shouldn’t simply go for any old site. Instead, you should choose well-ranking sites that have good reputations. You should also choose your anchor text for the link carefully, rather than going for a generic term such as “click here” as this is what alerts the search engines to what the link is all about.

Poor Performance on Mobile Devices

While you may have a wonderful website that looks utterly fantastic on a laptop, if it doesn’t look as good on a mobile device, you are going to find yourself in a lot of trouble. Smartphones are the top choice of users these days, so from this point of view, you certainly need to make your website appealing. Also, search engines are “smarter” about whether your website is mobile friendly, so you could end up being ranked down if your site looks terrible on a smartphone.

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Slow Loading Speed

When your website is “overdesigned,” this can often result in the loading speed being slow. While it may look great, this isn’t going to achieve much if the user doesn’t hang around long enough to see the site load. Not only may you put off potential users of your site, but this is another feature that Google doesn’t like—and as we have already seen, there is a long list of them! So, take the time to analyze the speed of your site and make improvements as and where possible.

You can hire an SEO Consultant to avoid such mistakes and guide you through all the SEO Prospect.

Avoiding these common SEO mistakes can go a long way towards ensuring that you have a site that ranks better on search engines. Many of them are bad habits that are easy to get out of, while others take more time and thought; but they are all worth employing in order to improve your overall ranking.