TOP-5 Services: What Is The Best Secure Email In 2020?

TOP-5 Services: What Is The Best Secure Email In 2020? Even though emails are not…

TOP-5 Services: What Is The Best Secure Email In 2020?

Even though emails are not instant as messengers, we need these services in our daily online routine. When exchanging files for business, security is more than essential. Often, our mailboxes store passwords to social media accounts and registration links, so that one security breach can cost you a lot. Remember that mainstream services like Gmail, Yahoo, and others collect metafiles and are often reported for data leakage. In contrast, encrypted mailboxes are services that assure the files you exchange are inaccessible for black hats.

Does the best secure email exist? How to pick one from the multiple options? Discover the TOP 5 mailing tools and make a wise decision.

TOP-5 list: best secure email

#1 – uMail

uMail is the mailbox integrated into the Utopia P2P environment. The service, along with the whole network is decentralized, encrypted, and anonymous. The cryptography algorithms are the most advanced and proven; the Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES processor guarantee the data is unreachable for law agencies and fraudsters. uMail doesn’t monitor the data about your device, sensitive files, and never saves passwords automatically.

Take advantage of the Templates mode – you can generate the layout for daily letters and use it multiple times. Moreover, users can use the Hybrid mode to run a mailbox along with other tools, namely:

  • uMessenger;
  • Idyll web browser;
  • Crypto wallet;
  • Mining bot.

Take into account that Utopia pays back for the time you spend online; your balance replenishes with the local coins. Test to enjoy security!

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#2 – ProtonMail

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Running Proton for daily correspondence is handy since the mailbox is available on computers and phones. Also, you can trust this mailing service as it is proven for many years. Obviously, Proton is encrypted and decentralized as well.

Proton implements unique encryption technology that hides messages, internal servers, and data flow even from the developers. This mailing service assures that only a sender and a recipient have access to transmitted letters and files.

The selling point is that Proton mail encrypts the information before sending it. Thus, third parties and criminals can’t decode the data even though they get access to it. Proton exploits the open code so that sided advisers can monitor and improve the work daily.

#3 – SCRYPTmail

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If you pick this mailbox from the list, bear in mind that the mobile version is on the go, and you can only use desktop. This mailing service is encrypted, anonymous and its code is open to be monitored and added by users. Make use of the two-factor authentication to leverage your privacy and improve protection.

When using SCRYPTmail, you can cover your address from the recipients. This feature is a must-have for those who are seeking for anonymous correspondence. Additionally, you diminish the risks that online criminals can intrude into your other accounts when they know your email address. Stay incognito and protected every day!

#4 – Posteo

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Posteo is a web-based mailing tool. It counts political activists and other people who need anonymity among its users. The service is time-tested and proves that governments can’t reach the information users transfer in emails. Take advantage of the opt-in data storage that encrypts files you upload; the fee starts at $1. When using encrypted cloud storage instead of the mainstream services, you eliminate the chances that third parties use your media.

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Posteo was one of the first mailboxes performing DNS authentication. This feature is crucial and appealing for security-focused audiences since they achieve security against fraudulent emails received from hackers who hide their addresses.

Try this email if you want to secure your digital habits and files from law authorities; the freedom is unlimited!

#5 Tutanota

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Tutanota is a secure email that has a mobile app and desktop version. Currently, this mailbox is used by more than two million privacy-focused users daily. The high-level security is proven, so don’t hesitate to register via Tutanota. The service uses 2-factor authentication, making the protection more forward-looking. Likewise, the services from the list, Tutanota’s code is open-source and can be updated by professionals.

Tutanota manages the algorithm that restricts hackers who hide their persona from spreading emails. The mailing platform also employs a specific mechanism to protect answers received from sided unencrypted services. Tutanota encrypts third-party letters and protects them with an additional password.


Regardless of the mailing platform, you chose from this TOP, the privacy level they assure is a way higher than regular services. Take into account that encrypted mailbox is an essential element to encrypted messenger, browser, and wallet. Extend your online toolkit and enjoy freedom on the Internet.